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How to Increase Your Business’ Brand Awareness

Whether your business is new or has been around for a while, it is always important to establish or build brand awareness. Brand awareness helps a business embed itself into consumer lifestyles and purchase habits.

Are you struggling to create awareness for your business? Find out how to establish and build brand awareness below:

Use Social Media

The nature of social media allows you to establish and build brand awareness. You can gain a following, interact with consumers, and create shareable content that people are likely to share with friends and family- all of which builds brand awareness.

With both organic and paid social media, you can reach your current audience as well as a new audience.

In our experience, the use of social media does wonders for brand awareness. We have found the best ways to create and promote content on social media to grab consumers’ attention and make them aware of a business.

Get Involved

Many businesses find success from developing themselves into a name that the entire community knows and loves. Local brand awareness can be very helpful- especially for small businesses. This can be accomplished by partnering with or donating to local businesses/organizations. 

When people learn about your business from community involvement, they will come to know your business in a great light- with a positive brand image. A positive brand image can lead to organic word of mouth communication about your business, which then increases brand awareness. 

We have found that when people hear about your business from other consumers, they are much more likely to trust this word and therefore trust your business.

Pre-Roll Advertising

Pre-Roll advertisements are videos that play prior to a video a consumer has selected to watch. These videos introduce consumers to your business and its products/services, which increases your brand awareness. Pre-roll ads can be targeted to a specific in-market audience, which allows you to reach the right consumers at the right time.

We have found that video ads grab consumers’ attention and keep businesses’ existence on their horizon. With the opportunity to reach an in-market audience with a concise yet effective video advertisement, we are able to increase business’ brand awareness with pre-roll ads.

Search & Display Advertising

Speaking of reaching the right people at the right time, search and display ads, like pre-roll, allow you to target an in-market audience. 

Search advertising allows you to reach people as they are searching for specific products, services, businesses, etc. These ads present your business’ name and webpage to them, which increases your brand awareness.

Display advertising allows you to visually reach in-market consumers as they browse different webpages. Even if they are not actively in the buying process at that moment, display ads will catch and remind them of your business. 

Through practice, we have found the best strategies for search and display advertising that put your business in front of the best audience.

To learn more about how to increase your businesses’ brand awareness, click here to set up a free consultation.

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