CRM Management & Marketing Automation

Stay connected to customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability

Why Us?

Since the beginning of commerce, it has been tough to delineate between Sales and Marketing.  The struggle is real.  Marketing can make the market aware of your product or service.  Sales can reinforce how your product solves a prospects points of pain.  We’re experts in creating an ROI architecture to bridge the gap and create an end-to-end framework from customer identification to post sale communications. 


What is CRM Management
and Marketing Automation?

Your CRM is often your most valuable or most underutilized tool. The ability to segment your prospects and current customers by behavior or demographics allows streamlined communication within the context of their interaction with your business. CRM Management is the process of this segmentation and creating communication strategies on a one-to-one level.  Marketing automation is the ability to set-up workflows that allow your CRM to continue the conversation with your customer or prospect with minimal investment from your sales staff.

Why you need CRM Management
and Marketing Automation

Your CRM holds the data of who your customers are, what they respond to, and what type of look-alike audiences you can target to grow your business.  Utilizing this type of data has shown to shorten the sales cycle on 18% on average across all verticals.  Marketing Automation allows your sales team to be in constant communication with prospects, but only focus on their valuable time on those who have engaged and show interest.