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Why Social Media Can Help Small Businesses

Social media is an effective way to expand your business’ exposure, build your brand awareness, increase your customer base, and connect with current customers. With countless opportunities to broadcast your business and news about your business, businesses should always consider and utilize social media.

More than 3 billion people are using social networks. 80 percent of people on Instagram alone follow at least one business. Therefore, there is great opportunity for businesses on social media.

Social media is all about engagement and customer interaction, which makes it valuable to and well suited for small businesses. Below are some reasons why social media can help small businesses.

Increases Brand Awareness

One of the challenges small businesses face is building brand awareness. When businesses create and post engaging content, people are more likely to interact with it, which then can lead to more people becoming aware of the business.  

Brands with the best brand awareness are ones that are often brought up in conversation. When consumers frequently see a business on their social media, they are more likely to remember that business when making decisions in the present or future.

Supports Community Efforts

Small businesses are often heavily involved in their communities, which allows them to connect with their customers and build a friendly and socially responsible brand image. 

Social media can give a small business the opportunity to reach out to their communities about what initiatives the business is taking to be involved, as well as to let their communities know how they themselves can get involved in these initiatives.

Makes Customers Feel Heard

Some people prefer to reach out with questions and comments online on platforms such as social media. As small businesses have smaller audiences than larger businesses, it is easier and more manageable to respond to customers online.

When people feel they are heard by a business, they feel more important and respected, which is crucial for customer loyalty and satisfaction.

Gives Opportunity for Partnerships

Social media collaboration can help increase your business’ exposure. Partnerships combine the reach of both parties, which gives you the opportunity to reach a new audience. Small businesses often have loyal customer bases, so when one small business chooses to support another, customers are likely to trust that business.   

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