Media Planning & Buying

When it comes to paid media – your dollars needs to deliver more engagement than ever before…

Why Us?

It’s a big world out there and a scattershot approach no longer moves the needle. We approach each account with meticulous planning that pays off exponentially once your campaigns go live.

When it comes to paid media – your dollar needs to deliver more engagement than ever before.  Cutting edge analytics, years of unrivaled experience and relationships gives the team at BMG an instant advantage.

Once placed, our media plans are measured in real-time and our team continues to hold the selected media vendors and our own in house team accountable for delivering results”.

From strategy to campaign execution, from results measurement to fine-tuning your media plan, our comprehensive services give you a solid foundation to reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.


What is Media Planning and Buying ?

Creating a strategic plan that influences a target audience chosen for your business or product. Media planning is the series of decisions involved in delivering the promotional message to the prospective consumers…
  • Market Analysis
  • Establish media objectives
  • Media Strategy
  • Development and implementation
  • Evaluation and follow up

Why you need Media Planning and Buying.

It’s hard to know if your media investments are working or wasted.  It’s even harder to know if you’re getting the performance you were promised. A strategic plan that capitalizes on opportunities to achieve your campaign goals is critical for success.  By analyzing it for effectiveness and identify areas where improvements can be made to increase your results and cost efficiency. The process helps to identify goals and drive ROI to make smarter, more successful media decisions by asking questions like:

  • Does the media audience mirror your target audience?
  • Which medium(s) will efficiently reach your geographic market?
  • Does the media reach beyond your target area?
  • Which combination of media will adequately deliver on advertising goals?
  • Does the media selection fit within your budget?
  • Which media mix will deliver your message at each stage of the consumer purchase decision path?
  • Which media will best align with the brand and creative messaging?

We utilize industry standard information from...