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How Localized Marketing Can Help Your Small Business

When there are multiple businesses selling similar products and services in a market, it’s important to differentiate your business every way you can. An effective way to do so is to tailor your content to the area you are targeting- or localize your marketing.

Localizing your marketing can help your business grab attention, connect with consumers, be authentic, and stick out from the crowd. Learn how below:

Grab Attention

If someone is scrolling through their social media feed, and the post they come across mentions where they live or a local landmark/attraction they are familiar with, it is likely to grab their attention.

As people experience their local area basically every day, they are likely to quickly notice marketing that connects to their local area. Getting someone’s attention is the first step to delivering your marketing message to them.

Connect with Customers

To connect with customers, you need to create messaging that makes them feel seen. While you may not know exactly what someone’s favorite food is, you do know generally what area they are local to, whether you are targeting them via geographical campaigns, or if they are a local customer who follows your social media pages. This allows you to localize your content to connect with your target audience.  

Not to mention, many people love where they live. So, why not connect what your business is trying to say with something they love?

At BMG, we have found that localized marketing resonates with consumers, as they know the business has personalized the content for them in a manner that reflects a large part of their lives.

Be Authentic

A common mistake that businesses make is putting out generalized and overarching content. This type of content does not make the consumer feel seen, and it is not authentic.

Inauthentic and generalized content can come off as sterile and not consumer focused. If you put effort into localizing your content, it becomes consumer focused. Consumers will then see your business as authentic and humanized.  

Through experience, we have found that authenticity helps customers feel welcomed and valued, which can make them more comfortable and more likely to do business with you. With localized marketing, we have helped clients become more authentic.

How to Localize Your Content

So, how can you localize your content, messaging and marketing tactics to the community your business is targeting?

At BMG, we have learned through experience how to properly research before localizing marketing content. We investigate questions such as:

  • What does the specific community value?
  • What sparks their interest?
  • What is popular in the community?
  • What local attractions and landmarks are important to the community?
  • How does the community interact with one another and local businesses?

And more.

To learn how your business can create a localized marketing strategy, click here for a free marketing consultation. 

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