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Why Your Business Should Be Using Instagram Stories

We already know social media is a huge part of business in 2019, but there are additional ways to utilize each platform to their full extent that you may not be doing. One of the newest trends and best ways to boost engagement is Instagram Stories. We’ll breakdown exactly how to use it effectively for your business and why it needs to become part of your marketing strategy.

  1. Increases Visibility

When you post a new story, your profile shows up at the top of your viewer’s home page for them to see. Posting stories regularly will keep you towards the front of their story queue which increases the likelihood of your stories being watched. Another way to increase your visibility is by utilizing things like hashtags, location tagging or shouting out another brand. By doing this the store, company or person you are tagging gets notified and can choose to post your story on to theirs, getting more eyes on your post and hopefully to your page. Using hashtags puts your story in a group under that hashtag where anyone can view it. Following these simple rules can boost your follower count pretty quickly and get your business noticed.  

  1. Human Aspect

Most times, Instagram posts are preplanned, posed and made to look visually appealing. However, Instagram stories provides the opportunity to show your viewers a different side of your business. Instagram stories are instant, only are posted for 24 hours, and are meant to be much more casual than posting on your feed. Using them to post pictures of what goes on inside your office, or of a funny moment with your employees breaks down that wall, makes your viewers feel included and shows the human side of your business.

  1. You Can’t Overdo It

Something we all are concerned about when posting on social media, is not overwhelming our audience or putting too much content in front of them. Instagram stories provide the perfect way to stay relevant and in the minds of your audience without making them feel smothered with your content, especially since the posts are only seconds long and disappear in 24 hours! Seeing activity from you will keep you in the forefront of their mind which is exactly where you want to be.

  1. Show Sneak Peaks

Have a new product coming out soon? Have an exciting announcement? Want to make your audience visit your page or website? Show them sneak peaks on your story. It can be a picture of your newest product or it can be snippets of a blog you posted but show them just enough to pique their interest without giving everything away, so your audience has a reason to check back or head over to your site.

  1. Interaction

Stories are the perfect place to interact and engage with your audience. Ask them a question or post a poll that will give them the opportunity to get involved. It also presents you with the opportunity to get to know your audience better and what they like and don’t like so you can create the content and products they want.

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