The Generation Z Takeover

The Generation Z Takeover

Millennials are like the first-born child who would always get the attention of parents. That is, until the second child, or Generation Z, is born and slowly steals the limelight. In this instance, however, we are not talking about the attention of parents, but instead talking about the attention of marketers. Now that Gen Z is close to passing the Millennial generation in numbers, marketers are slowly switching gears to target Gen Z, which will soon make up almost one-third of the world’s population of 7.7 billion people by 2019. Here’s what social marketers need to know about Generation Z and how they differ from Millennials.  

  • Gen Zers Expect Ads to be More Personal

With 78% of Gen Zers using a mobile device and 71% watching videos online for 3 or more hours a day, this age demographic expects marketers to be more personalized, according to Google. Since most of Generation Z shops online on their mobile devices, over 26% said they expect retailers to be more tailored to their shopping behaviors.

  • Social Influencers and Mainstream Celebrities Have the Attention of Gen Z

Social media influencers can produce more than 50% more engagement on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter than standard paid ads, according to Research from Shareablee. Online celebrities have more of an influence over Gen Zers, and their branded content is acceptable in the eyes of this younger generation.

  • Generation Z is Independent

Generation Z knows nothing but a digital world full of technology. They have learned to use the resources in front of them, including watching YouTube and doing research on the Internet, to solve problems on their own, unlike their Millennial counterparts.

  • Generation Z is More Entrepreneurial

Generation Z is 55% more likely than Millennials to start their own business. They want to take control of their future and 60% want make an impact on the world, compared to 39% of Millennials. Generation Z is more positive about the future than Millennials and the generations before them.

  • Generation Z is Competitive

Generation Z differs from Millennials in the workplace because they are more competitive and independent, whereas Millennials are known to be more of team players. Gen Z believes in working hard on their own and getting rewarded for it.

Keeping these tips in mind may help social marketers in their quest to reach and influence the young Generation Z. This new generation of tech-savvy Gen Zers is here to stay, and they are making their presence known.

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