Show the Human Side of Your Brand

Every business is looking to distinguish itself from its competitors. Whether it is product quality, pricing, range of products and services, etc., every business is looking for an edge. Something that often overlooked in this quest to appeal to consumers is authenticity.

Authenticity can do wonders for your business, as it can help people trust, connect with, and remember your brand.

So, what is a great way to be authentic in your marketing? Showcase the faces behind your business. When consumers can see the humans behind your business, it humanizes your business and can make people feel more comfortable with almost any transaction.

Below are some ways to showcase the people behind your business to show authenticity: 

Show Behind the Scenes

You can easily showcase your business’ products and/or services, but if you show behind-the-scenes content of your business process and the people working “in” your business, consumers can feel more connected to your brand. 

A look behind the scenes can also show that your business isn’t just a machine or series of processes. At BMG, we have found that when you share content of the day-to-day of your business, people can see that your business has care and consideration for the intended end user. Consumers want to feel assured that trustworthy people, processes and positive intention are behind what they are paying for.

Showcase Your Employees

There is no better way to show the personalized side of your business than to showcase the humans behind your business. It can help customers feel more comfortable coming to your business, as your employees are who people will see and talk to when they visit your store.

Below are some ways to showcase your employees:

  • Run ads that feature your employees (video, images, etc.)
  • Have your employees do a ‘takeover’ on your social media platforms
  • Share photos of your employees working or in your workplace on social media
  • Share videos of your employees talking about, using, or working on/making your products

Through our experience, we have found that content that features or at least shows your employees gets better engagement and feedback than content that solely features your products and services. 

Personalize Your Targeted Ads

Many advertisers target consumers with ads that show the features of their products and/or services. While this may the easy way to advertise, it is not the most effective.

Instead of just showing the features of your products in your advertising, show people the benefits your products would make in their lives. This type of personalized advertising humanizes your business and helps people connect with your brand.

At BMG, we have found that to attract your ideal customer, it is important to learn how they communicate, what they sympathize with, and ultimately, understand what problems they are trying to solve. This information allows you to personalize your advertising to show how your products would offer solutions to their problems, which can help people to feel heard by and connected with your brand.

When people can see how their lives would improve if they were to purchase your product or service, they are more likely to trust your brand. Consumers who trust your business are often more likely to engage with, buy from, and recommend your brand.

If you would like to learn more about how to humanize your business, click here for a free consultation. 

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