Last-Minute Black Friday Marketing Tips

Last-Minute Black Friday Marketing Tips

On Black Friday in 2017, retailers in the United States earned a record-breaking $7.9 billion, according to Adobe Analytics. If you have not yet created a marketing plan for the biggest sales event of the year, you best get started! Here are some last-minute Black Friday marketing tips to help your brand stand out among the competition.


1. Give Customers Offers They Cannot Refuse

Offer customers innovative incentives that they just cannot refuse. The more unique, the better the results. Make consumers feel as though they are missing out if they don’t take advantage of your offers.

2. Create an Email Marketing Campaign that Stands Out

According to Statista, in 2016, $63.1 billion was spent in U.S. e-commerce retail during the holiday season. Be sure to send out various email blasts to your entire customer database! Back in 2014, 27% of holiday sales came from email marketing.

3. Look Back at What Worked in the Past

Check back on the analytics of prior years to determine which marketing plan was a success. Using a Google Analytics account, businesses can see what increased traffic and lead to successful conversions in the past. 

4. Host an Hourly Flash Sale

A flash sale gives shoppers a limited time to purchase something on a specific day. A lot goes into hosting a successful flash sale. Businesses can offer discounted merchandise from 6 am 8 am before most people get out of bed. Your goal should be to attain new customers, sell inventory, and increase profits, according to Nick Winkler of Shopify.

5. Open Early and Close Late

On Black Friday, open the doors earlier than your typical business hours in order to give consumers a chance to stop in. Most businesses change their Black Friday hours in order to keep up with the competition. Consumers are running all over town to find the best deals, so give them time to arrive at your location.

6. Share Offers on Social Media

Share business hours, offers, promotions, and coupons on your social media accounts. Use paid advertising to reach more shoppers. Create competitions and contests to encourage your social media followers to engage with your brand.

7. Target Leads 

Target leads and potential customers by looking at the people who did not convert. Send the leads with abandoned shopping carts that extra 15% off through email marketing.

Don’t forget to have fun and take risks. Brands like R.E.I., Patagonia, Chubbies and Cards Against Humanity all took risks with their Black Friday marketing  strategies, which all ended up paying off. Reach out to Balance Marketing Group with any questions about your Black Friday marketing campaign. 

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