Improve Your Customer Service

Improve Your Customer Service Through Social Media

You’ve set up a social media strategy for your business to showcase your abilities, target your desired audience and bring in new customers, but now that you have those new prospects do you know what to do with them? Your strategy can’t just stop once you have gained the audience you want, now you need to work to keep them and customer service will play a big role in that. Here are some ways to improve your customer service through social media.

Respond Quickly. This is one of the most important rules to pay attention to. Studies have shown that people who reach out to a business on Twitter and Facebook both expect a response within an hour. Of course, there will be times when you are unable to respond to a customer in that time frame, but it needs to be a priority to look for comments, reviews, and conversations involving your business and respond to them accordingly. If you are unable to dedicate the time, consider setting up a bot who can automatically respond to questions that are sent via messenger. When customers see a quick response time it lets them know they are important to you and gives them good faith in your company knowing that they will be able to easily get help in the future.

Respond to Every Review. Not only is it important to respond to every review, but it is also crucial to remain respectful and calm even to the ones that are less than stellar. Thank your customers who leave a great review and take the time to understand your customers who left a bad one. Though it may be hard to see a person talk badly about your business, look at it as a learning opportunity, did something happen that can be avoided in the future? Did you overlook details that could have resulted in a positive outcome? Even if there was nothing in your control that could have made their experience better, thank them for their review and make them feel understood. Doing so could change their mindset and give you another chance, or at the very least it will show your other customers that you are willing to hear criticism and work to make things better.

Engage with Your Customers. Aside from reviews, be sure to interact with your audience by asking them questions or joining in conversations that may be happening in the comments. Let your customers see that you are always listening to what they have to say and are interested in their thoughts and opinions. By getting feedback you can learn what works and what doesn’t and even get ideas on products for the future or how to market them to reach your audience.

Be Friendly and Helpful. Although it may go without saying, the way you respond to and interact with your customers will set the tone for your business. Social media is a place where you want to show your personality to your customers. Don’t feel the need to spend time trying to uphold a stiff business-likepersona. People will respond much better and feel more connected when they feel like they are talking to a real person, not a robot.

Additionally, be sure that all members on your team are on the same page in terms of the tone you want your business to have on social media. Set clear and easy rules for your team to follow so that you appear consistent and customers will know what to expect from you. With these tips in mind you can easily boost your customer service and continue to grow your business through the help and feedback of your customers.

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