How to Gain Consumer Trust

Trust is important in every relationship- including a business/customer relationship. Your business can have a great product or service, but trust is what earns consumers business, as well as helps keep their business with you.

According to a 2019 Edelman Brand Trust Survey, 81% of consumers say trust impacts their purchase decisions. Just as trust can help consumers make the decision to purchase from a brand, it can also build up brand loyalty. 

Find below some ways to cultivate consumer trust through your marketing efforts: 

Tell Your Story

When you tell the story of how your business came to be, consumers will see that you are just like them- trying to develop something that you are passionate about. This allows you to humanize your brand as well as highlight the values and goals of your business. 

Through our experience, we have found that when consumers get a chance to look past your products/services and see you as real people, they are more likely to identify with you and trust your business.

Be Transparent

Always be straightforward with consumers.

  • Be honest about your products/services
  • If something goes wrong, admit it
  • Respond to negative reviews publicly- show that you care and want to fix any issues rightfully

At BMG, we have found that when a business is continually upfront and honest about situations and its products/services, consumers appreciate and trust that business.

Share Reviews/Testimonials 

When you are about to buy a product, eat at a restaurant, or choose a business for a service you need- how do you research? Most likely- one of the top things you look at are customer reviews. 

We have found that consumers will always trust the experiences of other consumers more than the claims of a business. So, what better way to gain trust? Share real reviews and testimonials on your social media, website, etc. 

Share Tips About Your Industry

To show consumers that you are experts in your industry, share insights and tips about your industry. If you prove to be knowledgeable about the products you sell and the industry you operate in, customers may be more likely to trust your products/services. 

These tips can feature your own products, which allows you to show your knowledge while also showing how your products will benefit consumers. 

Be Accessible

Respond to comments. Answer your online messages. Answer phone calls. Reply to reviews. And do all this in a timely manner. If consumers see that you are prompt and helpful in your communication, they will feel that they can trust you to help them with any issues or concerns that come up when they decide to purchase your product or hire you for a service. 

Show Your Values by Way of Social Responsibility

People want to support with businesses that have good values and care about their consumers. 

At BMG, we have found that when businesses get involved in their community, support good causes, make efforts to be sustainable, etc. – consumers can develop a sense of trust and loyalty with that business. 

To learn how your business can effectively build consumer trust, click here for a free marketing consultation.

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