Enhancing Customer Experience

Enhancing Customer Experience Through Mobile Retailer Apps

In order for brick-and-mortar retailers to keep up with e-commerce moguls like Amazon, EBay, and Overstock, they must find a way to enhance customer experience. Last year alone, Amazon’s net revenue was just shy of $178 billion. Improved websites for retail stores were an essential driving force to increase customer sales over the last few years, but as of recently,mobile retailer apps have taken online shoppers by storm. 

Here are the facts from a Synchrony study on Consumer Adoption to Retailer Mobile Apps:

  • 67% of consumers have downloaded a retailer’s mobile app (up 4% from last year).
  • Of these consumers, 49% used the mobile app for purchases, while over half used the retailer’s mobile app to receive a coupon or discount.
  • 77% of customers feel as though the credit card features are very or extremely valuable.

There are still various concerns regarding shopping apps, but companies are doing what they can to work out the kinks. A third of the surveyed consumers stated that they deleted the app to free up space on their mobile device or because they started to shop at that retail store much less often. After consumers download the mobile app, it is vital that the retailers:

  1. Make their mobile app inviting enough to keep customers engaged.
  2. Reassure their payment methods are safe and secure.
  3. Create the app so it is easy to navigate and convenient to use.

Enhancing customer experience through mobile retailer apps is a driving force for increased brand loyalty. When retailers make the lives of their consumers easier with innovative technology, consumers will be more likely to stick with that brand over the competition.

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