Building Brands in Times of Crisis

Building and marketing a brand during the Covid-19 pandemic has thrown us all into uncharted waters. Every business from car dealerships, to hair salons, to retirement communities have felt the unexpected health and economic impact caused by this virus. Within a few short weeks the entire world’s priorities have shifted.  Consumers are focused on the safety and health of their families, jobs, assets and communities. Your brand needs to find a way to fit into what our communities value and need during this crisis.

Although we need to continue to market our businesses, doing so in the right tone is crucial. In this moment, every brand’s tone must incorporate genuine empathy, transparency and clear purpose.

  • Be Empathetic

People are feeling vulnerable right now. Listen to your customers and be there in ways that will benefit them today and in the future. Speak with a genuine tone of empathy and understanding. Doing so will allow consumers to identify with your brand and as a result, sales will follow.

  • Be Transparent

As previously stated, the actions we decide to take during a crisis will resonate for years. If this crisis is changing the way your brand operates, let consumers know the details. If your brand is helping healthcare workers, schools or those in need – let people know. Though practicing social distancing is necessary, it has created a void and we are missing the normal connections we typically make every day. Utilize this time to find ways to develop genuine long lasting connections with your potential customers.

  • Have Strong Purpose

This is the time to be as clear as possible about what your brand stands for and how it makes your customers lives better. Communicate in the most effective and strong terms to get your message across. Many businesses have changed their operations to address their clients’ needs during this crisis. Restaurants who understand their purpose are offering family meals and curbside delivery.  Auto Service centers are offering free pick and delivery service. Companies like these understand that their purpose is STRONGER than their process. 

Our ability to adapt, problem-solve and respond to unexpected challenges is central to our survival and success as humans and as businesses. The way we respond during this crisis will set the tone for our brands for years to come, so be empathetic, be transparent and have strong purpose.

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