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What Is Brand Voice and Why Does It Matter?

If you and your business…

  • Struggle to set yourself apart from competitors
  • Feel that your communications are not cohesive and lack personality
  • Overall are unsure if your content truly reflects your business

It may be time to consider developing a brand voice for your business.

Find out more about brand voice and why it is important below:

What is Brand Voice?

Brand voice is the personality a business takes on in its communications. When a business communicates with its audience, brand voice is portrayed through words and language, as well as the tone of voice used to communicate messages and concepts.

Think of how you speak with your family, friends, colleagues, clients, and customers. Each person and situation most likely require a different type of voice, depending on what you are discussing, your relationship with them, how they talk to you, etc.

The same goes for communicating with consumers. Your brand voice should reflect who your customers and target audience are, the messages you are trying to get across, and the type of business you conduct. 

Why Does Brand Voice Matter?

Helps Your Business Stand Out in Digital Landscape

As your business may be in a sea of many that offer similar products and services, it is always important to set yourself apart. Many messages are being thrown consumers’ way each day, so it is crucial to make an effort to differentiate your communications. 

When your business has its own distinctive voice that is consistent across all platforms, consumers are likely to connect the brand voice to the business, making the business easily identifiable on any platform. 

Keeps Your Content Cohesive

As more than one person may be creating your content, a defined brand voice can help your messaging stay cohesive. 

Cohesive messaging strengthens your brand identify and enforces your brand’s personality and style.

Humanizes Your Business

When a business has a personality online and in the digital sphere, it humanizes the business.

People are less likely to engage with the content and messaging when a business’ communications are robotic and seem computer-generated. Humanizing your business with a personality, or brand voice, helps you connect with your audience.

What We Consider When Developing Brand Voice:

We have found that developing a brand voice helps with differentiation and recognition. Through our experience, we have come to know the most effective factors to consider when developing brand voice:  

  • Vision, Mission, and Values of Company
  • Target Audience
  • Atmosphere of the business
  • Products and Services offered
  • Messages trying to communicate

To learn more about developing a brand voice for your business, click here to set up a free consultation.

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