5 Common Marketing Mistakes

Marketing is a crucial part of almost every business, it helps your build your brand and audience, but mistakes in marketing can be detrimental. No one wants to put themselves…

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Last-Minute Black Friday Marketing Tips

On Black Friday in 2017, retailers in the United States earned a record-breaking $7.9 billion, according to Adobe Analytics. If you have not yet created a marketing plan for the biggest…

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The Generation Z Takeover

Millennials are like the first-born child who would always get the attention of parents. That is, until the second child, or Generation Z, is born and slowly steals the limelight. In…

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5 Tips to Writing a Successful Blog Post

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There is no question that the digital marketing trend known as blogging should be included as part of your marketing strategy. According to Tech Client, small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads. Through blogging, you…

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