7 Types of Social Media Content

7 Types of Social Media Content to Engage Consumers

In today’s digital world, brands often have to compete with one another for the attention of consumers. Through social media, brands are given the opportunity to develop relationships with consumers, who they then hope to convert into brand loyal customers. In order to drive sales, brands must create engaging social media content that will expand brand awareness and increase calls to action.

1. Set Up Competitions

Create giveaways and Facebook contests that give consumers a chance to win what you are offering! Encourage people to follow or like your pages, or tag friends in a post for the opportunity to win. 

2. Make Posts Interactive

Ask questions. Post polls. Create quizzes. Consumers are always hearing from brands, but once in a while, they appreciate the chance to give their opinions and feedback. Asking something of consumers is a great way to get them to engage with your brand. Reply to reviews and comments to create an open dialogue with consumers.

3. Make Special Offers

By offering specials, coupons, and other incentives like free shipping, you will get your customers coming back for more. Everyone loves to save money! Test out different offers to see what works best for your target audience.

4. Post Strong Visuals

Adding images to Facebook posts increases engagement by 2.3x, while tweets with images are likely to receive 150% more retweets than those with text alone. Relevant images linked with useful information are more likely to be remembered and get 94% more views than content without relevant images. Videos, photos, and infographics are all useful forms of visual content.

5. Be Responsive

Social media is the preferred method of contact for consumers to reach businesses for customer service. Consumers expect a reply between 0-4 hours, when in reality, businesses on average tend to take up to 10 hours to reply to a consumer. Quick, but genuine responses are crucial when responding to customer reviews.

6. Stay Relevant

Be sure to post relevant content consistently. You do not want consumers to forget about you! Create a social media content calendar and schedule posts to be sure your followers hear from you a few times a week. Research from 14 studies recommends 1 post a day for Facebook, 15 tweets per day, 1-2 Instagram posts, and 1 post per day on LinkedIn.

7. Establish Partnerships

When a partnership is established between two brands, each brand is able to reach the other’s followers. By tagging and promoting one other, brands can get more engagement by reaching more people. Reach out to see if brands would be interested in collaborating with your brand!

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