5 Tips to Writing a Successful Blog Post

5 Tips to Writing a Successful Blog Post

There is no question that the digital marketing trend known as blogging should be included as part of your marketing strategy. According to Tech Client, small businesses with blogs generate 126% more leads. Through blogging, you give yourself credibility and attract new customers simultaneously. Since 77% of internet users read blogs, it is critical to constantly update content on your website by writing engaging and relevant blogs for your audiences. Here are some tips to writing successful blog posts.

1. Create an Engaging Title

Be sure that your headline includes keywords optimized for search engines.  A good headline can get your post more visibility, which in turn would bring more visits to your website. SEO is key since 75% of users do not scroll past the first page of search results.

2. Optimize Content Using Keywords

Within your blog, you must optimize your content for search traffic by using keywords that are relevant to your target audience. Use long-tail keywords and phrases that people are searching for, as that is a key method to drive internet users to your website.

3. Break-Up-Your-Blog


The human brain loves lists . Lists enable the memorization of information quickly, making it easier to take in more content at one time. Use numbers or bullets to break up your blog post.  The New Yorker eloquently states that lists easily organize information and show readers that there is an end to the story.

4. Add Images


Images are extremely important for blog posts, because articles with images receive 94% more views than those without.

5. Include External and Internal Links

Linking a current blog to a related internal website link allows readers to learn more about the topic of interest. Internal links also keep users on your website for a longer period of time, making it more likely for them to convert. Use external links to establish a relationship between your site and others, while expanding your reach.

Be sure to share your blog post after it is published in order to give it the visibility that it deserves! Contact Balance Marketing Group for any questions about this post.

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